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Version 1.0

Making DeFi Feel
like Magic

Discover GenieSwap: Stake and launch
effortlessly with our magical DeFi

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The GenieLaunch

Launch Your Token with a Touch of Genie Magic

Ready to see your token take flight? GenieLaunch is your launchpad to stardom. With zero technical hassle and all the support of Genie’s vibrant community, launching your token has never felt more exhilarating. From meme coins to complete innovations, we make liquidity come to you

Up to 7 levels of referral system included, fully on-chain!

Buy Launch now!

One platform for launching, staking, and swapping in the
DeFi space, all simplified by Genie's magical touch

Secure Platform

All our contracts are audited
by top tier firms.

Direct FIAT on/off ramp

Exchange your EURO directly to crypto and vice versa.

Earn rewards

Earn rewards directly on-chain!

Multi Chain

The magic of multi-chain unfolded.

The GenieFarms

Stake Your Way to Success with GenieFarms

GenieFarms is about to change the game for staking. Integrate staking with ease, unlock more utility for holders, and watch the project’s TVL soar. It’s staking  simplified—because every token deserves utility!

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Trade across multiple


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genieswap?

GenieSwap is more than just a DEX; it's a part of the Genie ecosystem designed to make DeFi accessible and secure. It enables lightning-fast swaps across multiple blockchains, offering a seamless trading experience with low fees and high security.

How does GenieSwap ensure secure transactions?

Security is paramount at GenieSwap. We've secured top audits from CertiK and Hacken, ensuring our platform meets the highest standards of security and reliability in the DeFi space.

What is GenieLaunch?

GenieLaunch is our innovative launchpad, allowing token founders to effortlessly bring their projects to life. It offers a built-in community, zero technical skill requirement for launch, and an on-chain multi-level referral system to boost virality and community engagement.

How can I participate in a project launch on GenieLaunch?

Stay connected with our Telegram and social media channels for announcements on upcoming launches. Holding $GENIE tokens may provide early access or special benefits in these launches.

What makes GenieLaunch unique?

Our focus on simplicity, accessibility, and community engagement sets GenieLaunch apart. The on-chain referral system not only drives sales but also fosters a sense of ownership and participation within the community.

What is GenieFarms?

GenieFarms is an upcoming feature designed to introduce staking pools for ERC-20 tokens. It aims to simplify staking, enhance token utility, and increase total value locked (TVL) for project founders.

How can I participate in GenieFarms?

Details will be shared closer to the launch date. Holding $GENIE tokens and staying active in our community channels will keep you informed on how to get involved.

What are the benefits of holding $GENIE tokens?

Holding $GENIE tokens grants access to exclusive features across the Genie ecosystem, including staking opportunities, special privileges on GenieLaunch, and a voice in governance decisions.

Where can I buy $GENIE tokens?

$GENIE tokens can be acquired on participating exchanges or through activities within the Genie ecosystem. Follow our updates for information on listings and opportunities.

How can I stay updated with Genie's ecosystem developments?

Joining our Telegram group and following us on social media are the best ways to stay informed about new features, updates, and opportunities within the Genie ecosystem.

How does Genie ensure the ecosystem remains innovative and user-friendly?

We continuously gather feedback from our community and analyze market trends to ensure our offerings meet the needs of our users. Our dedication to innovation, security, and simplicity drives the evolution of our ecosystem.

Are there any upcoming features or projects in the Genie ecosystem?

We are always working on expanding our ecosystem with innovative solutions. GenieFarms is one such upcoming feature. Stay tuned to our channels for the latest news and announcements.